My Journey

The beginning

Just graduated

Fresh out of college and started taking tuitions at the Dining Table


Joined Cairn India

Employed and still teaching on weekends in Delhi


Teaching full Time

Quit the Job, to follow his calling in Kolkata


Started Corporate Trainings

Partnered and collaborated for trainings and lectures at B-Schools


Started a YouTube Channel

Created Content for students and reached the 10 Million Milestone


Teach What I Apply, Apply What I Teach

CEO of Leveraged Growth - Research Advisory, Consulting, Corporate Training, Learning & Development.


Best Finance Trainer, India

Honoured as the Best Finance Trainer, India by Indian Education Award


13 Degrees & Counting

When it comes to Knowledge, Sky is the Limit


An Ed-Tech Venture - IIY

Contribution to give back to the society for all the support and love received


Worked with 65+ Colleges, 20+ IITs & IIMs

Worked with a considerable amount of institutes, Authored a few books, Active in the Start-Up space, Investor, Consulting, and AIC member across continents

never Retiring!

Invest In Yourself, Keep Learning & Growing

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We provide a range of emergency, medical and general healthcare services, residential, and community health services.

We can do virtually anything!

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